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Motor’s, Pumps & Alternators

Motor’s, Pump’s & Alternator’s

Specialized in the complete rewinding & repairing of all types electrical rotating machines. Our Services include Overhaul, Repair & Rewinding of following machines as per IEEE-STD-1068-2009 & EASA AR-100-2010.
• LV Motors :
Induction motor, Slip-ring motor, Squirrel cage motors, Sewage pumps, Slurry pump, Submersible pumps etc up to 1 MW.
• DC Motors:
Traction motor, Series motor, Shunt Motors, Compound motor, Permanent magnet etc up to
1.5 MW.
• HV/MV Motors :
Up to large size Induction motor, Slip-ring motor, Synchronous motor etc up to 2.5 MW.
• Alternators & Generators :
All type of LV/HV alternators & generators up to 2.5 MW.
Dynamic Balancing: Dynamic balancing of various brands of rotating equipment like rotor, IG fan, Impellers, FLV Wheels, Propeller etc as per IS 1940/1 standards.

Machine shop (Mechanical Services:
• Precision & Quality are the Cornerstones of our business and are evident in our State of Art Machine Shop which is well equipped with a complete range of machineries and qualified staff.
• Our Machine Shop offers Prompt Response to clients, Competitive Prices and specializes in various type of machining mostly for electrical rotation equipment.
• Shaft fabrication and replacement /Shaft metalizing.
• End Shield cover bearing housing repairing /manufacturing
• Stator & Rotor core repair /re-staggering/re-insulation/replacement
• Commutator & Slip-ring repair/replacement
• Re-babbiting of sleeve bearings.
• Design, fabrication and replacement of all Spares like End shield Cover, Bearing Housing, Centrifugal Disk, Labyrinth ring, Grease covers, Cooling fans, Fan covers, Coolers/Heat exchangers, Oil seals, bearings, brush holders, HV brushes, Terminal Studs etc.

On site services:
• Bearing replacement of all types Motors & Alternator at site.
• Trouble shouting of all type of Motors & Alternator at site.
• Laser alignment – Line Laser Alignment together with CCD, resulting in a high degree of accuracy
• Vibration analysis – Vibration analysis & condition monitoring surveys using the most advanced data collection & software technology
• Thermography – Visual representation of temperatures over large areas, capturing thermal images of moving targets in real time, identifying deteriorating components prior to failure, easy to identify hot spots on stator core


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